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I am a human

I am a human

January 06, 2021
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Greetings from earth! I am Breandan. I am a human.

I am going to leave these somewhat unfiltered and unedited- reasons being multi-fold;

I want these updates to provide you with an insight into my stream of consciousness (BUYER BEWARE!)

I want to do them more frequently (definitely weekly, hopefully daily) and obsessing over whe,re to p,ut all the,se commas just gets in the way!

I am an enormous fan of run-on sentences I think it started when I was younger but I’m not really sure what age also I just realized that my computer doesn’t autocorrect “im” to I’m which seems completely insane in 2021 given the fact that most people talk in phone-text speech oh and a comment on smartphones it is my sincere belief that the advent of the smartphone ruined modern civilization well smartphones and the kardashians…what were we talking about?

And thusly, without further ado… ….. ….. ok maybe a little extra ado……... did you ever notice if you type a bunch of elipses in a row they get bigger? Right but they can’t figure out how to autocorrect im to I’m-BREANDAN GET TO THE POINT!!!!- ok ok ok…. …...     …...


Compound Interesting Jan 4 2021

Greetings from earth!  I am Breandan.  I am a human.

My son (7 year old Sean) decided to start journaling a handful of days ago.  He decided that he is going to start every entry with the tagline- “hi im sean and im a human”. (I have decided to spite Microsoft Word spellchecker-Im not going to correct im with I’m- grin and bear it)  This particular tagline elicited a big LOL from me.  He is a funny kid, and his little sister (5 year old Avery) is equally as hilarious.  After laughing about it with them, something struck me…I might need to remind myself of this very fact more often.  And I might need to commit to acting more humanish as well. 

I have long said that im glad I didn’t grow up in the day and age where they were diagnosing kids with all kinds of stuff.  Im glad they are diagnosing and im glad they are finding ways to help kids cope- but for me I thank God that I got to keep my weirdness.  Although, to be fair, having some of these “breandanisms” identified earlier in my journey may have led to smoother sailing through some of the storms I’ve encountered.  Although although (yup two althoughs), smooth seas never made good sailors-and if the sailors had cheat codes even in rough seas they probably wouldn’t have a high degree of maritime skills either. Although multiplied by 3, if anyone knows of a guaranteed cheat code for markets please share it with me as I believe I have learned how to hoist enough sails.

That’s the thing about being a human, and markets (which are just collections of humans- or computers programmed by humans) you can’t really perfect either one.  You can strive to attain a higher functioning, but realistically my job is never done and neither is yours (on this particular spectral plain- to quote the magnificent Captain James Hook- “Death is the only adventure you have left!”)  This leads me to assert with 100% certainty- I failed you in 2020…at least once.  And…with absolute certainty…I will fail you again in 2021.  Wow… that’s heavy.  Any advisor incapable of admitting that, isn’t worth the wooden plank dangling from Hook’s torso.


Perfection in markets is utterly impossible. I saw a cool trade but didn’t trust my gut, missed it, failed you.  Saw monsters under the bed (they are still there), so we didn’t risk up as much when everyone else did, failed you.  But these failures are of a minor magnitude compared to what could have been.  And that is where I thrive.  I am not a bull or bear- I am simply trying to help you achieve your goals through the framework of risk acceptance we have agreed upon(as of the ending of this sentence I am going to work on the practical difference between “risk tolerance” and “risk acceptance”).  Most times when properly managing risk for clients, our investment guidance will underperform when markets go straight up. And when markets occasionally go sideways, or y’know downways, the extra risk protection we use for clients will work toward protecting portfolios…and do wonders for emotional stress – yours and mine.  And occasionally, on the rare occurrence where markets go very downways, our strategies can help to mitigate negative returns.

But, in order to make certain we are continuing our “pursuit of higher functioning” (POHF from now on),  we need to do better about the “crash up” markets.  The list of areas to improve for 2021 and beyond are long and lengthening, but such is the curse of pursuing higher functioning, to name a few for our firm:

  • Enhancing our already enhanced technological capabilities when it comes to investment and investing research.
  • Bringing on additional support staff to compile and document investment ideas and research.
  • Partnering with other advisors to broaden our viewpoints and points of view.
  • Working indvidually with each of our clients to help ensure that your legacy lives on in more ways than one- spoiler alert!! This one is going to be awesome!
  • Maintaining ultimate decision-making power, hand in hand with our clients, over their investments and financial plans.
  • Rebranding the firm so we have a less of a geo-specific name. We will soon be known as “365 Wealth Partners”. The name stems from one of my favorite “breandisms”- the most important equation is 100 x 365; which is probably the maximum amount of time you get to spend on earth, try not to waste too much of it. Also, we are- quite literally- here for you all 365 days of the year.

All the coming firm enhancements are in order for us to serve you more, not to serve more of you.  I have a deep affinity for each and every one of you…yes even you… yup you too…  I will not risk any individual relationship for a new one, and I will be very guarded about the last handful of clients we take on, because I always want to love what im doing and who im doing it for, every single day.  And to be very clear- none of the changes will affect your relationship with Catherine and I or our relationship with you.  We are your points of contact and ultimate decision makers.  And yes, we are still accepting referrals, for the time being.

Going forward these communications will be timely, tactical and investment related with personal touches throughout.  I look forward to speaking to you again tomorrow. Oh! One quick market update as of 1 pm ish today- markets are down and I know exactly why…because there are more sellers than buyers!